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Nov 29, 09 9:13 PM
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Welcome to Shining Force's official website!

We are an Elyos level 3 Australian based Legion on the Nezekan Server whos main focus is to help eachother and have a good time doing it. We enjoy grouping together often for PvE and PvP. We run nightly groups for all level dungeons and frequent PvP groups for whatever it may be we're doing  wether it be rifting, abyss hunting or fortress seiges. 
We are a mature legion with lots of couples and singles and are looking for more players to join our ranks! We're easy going, have our own vent Server and enjoy hanging out together. As the Legion grows our focus will shift accordingly and we'll do our best to stay competitive but more importantly, maintain our laid back "have fun" approach. We can be serious when we need to be and love a good challenge.

If this sounds like your type of Legion and you wish to apply to join our growing family simply message Astynaxe, Immie in game or register and apply here on the site and we will get to you in game as soon as possible.
Please Note - Even though we are Australian based, we do have other region members so feel free to apply even if you arent from Australia - We welcome you!

History of Shining Force:

We are originally a guild from Dark Age of Camelot (Iseult) and World of Warcraft (Blackrock). Most of our original players have moved over to AION for good where we plan to continue the legacy of Shining Force. The legion "Immortal" has merged into Shining Force, making it the active and fun legion it is today. We respect and help all our players and do our best to help eachother out. All our players have played a multitude of past mmo games such as EQ, EQ2, Vanguard, Ragnarok and many more. Once again, we welcome any new players into our Legion and look forward to making you part of our family!
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